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6 Inch Steel Tongue Drum

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 Calm yourself and your spirit with a beautiful song on our Steel Tongue Drum

Ancient Chinese Steel Tongue Drum Metal Tank


Steel Tongue Drum is a musical sculpture that combines the essence of Chinese millennial philosophy, culture, art, music and national studies. It combines modern technology, sound theory, and innovative design.

 Tank tongue drums

It is a work of art. The musical drum is coated with water-based environmentally friendly paint, which is pollution-free and wear-resistant and does not fade. Shaped like a pebbles sounds like an ethereal. Hand-built, artificially tuned, and the tone is accurate and sound.

 steel tongue drum

Playing a Steel Tongue Drum can reduce stress and aid relaxation. Its wonderful melodic sound can be produced by amateur and professional alike.

Steel Tongue Drums are melodic percussion instruments that are hand-made and hand-tuned to precision by an experienced musician. Our aim is to provide people with the highest quality instrument and service that will give them pleasure for years.

Our Steel Tongue Drums can have 8 notes and can be tuned to most musical scales and frequencies

 tongue drum size

  • The temperament is more accurate and the tone is perfect
  • High-quality alloy steel material, surface painted with a pearl finish, exquisite and anti-corrosion.
  • Feel slow life and help you relax
  • Perfect for yoga and meditation
  • Easy to play, just using the included mallets to beat the drum tongues, then you will have beautiful sounds.

 steel tongue drum package


Material: Alloy Steel
Item Size: 14 * 8cm / 5.5 * 3.1in
Item Weight: 418g / 14.7oz
Package Size: 21 * 19.5 * 12cm / 8.3 * 7.7 * 4.7in
Package Weight: 795g / 28oz